What is The Silverfox Squad LLC?

We are older gentlemen, with distinctive grey beards, who take great care of our health, mind and spirit. Our foundation is built on our excellence and our dignity as men.  Our goal is to educate and inspire other men while motivating people around the world through the power of lifestyle and creative fashion minds.

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  • Irvin Randle

    Irvin Randle is a Style Influencer, Educator, Fashion Model and Actor hailing from Houston, Texas.  
    Founder of Silverfox Squad

    Instagram: irvinrandle

    TikTok: therealirvinrandle

  • Jean Titus

    Instagram: titusunlimited

    TikTok: titusunlimited

  • Winston Warrior

    Instagram: therealwinstonwarrior

    TikTok: therealwinstonwarrior

  • Darryle Jones

    Instagram: darryle_jones

    TikTok: darryle_jones

  • Michael Lynn Johnson Jr.

    Facebook: Michael L. Johnson Jr.
    Instagram: jl_michaels_llc
    Tiktok: Michaelljohnsonjr

  • Stephen G. Adkins

    Instagram: adkins.stephen

    TikTok: stephen.adkins

  • Kyle Dutcher

    Facebook: Push

    Instagram: push1515

    Tiktok: Push1515

  • Tommie Johnson

    Instagram: the_officialtj_

    Tiktok: the_officialtj_