Jean Titus

Born Jean Titus, this former financial advisor who worked for over a decade for industry giants such as Morgan Stanley and Citi Group, is now investing his time as an advocate in the “Health & Wellness” industry.  His fitness journey started decades ago when he was an athlete. Resistance training has always been part of his daily routine in order to build strength, power and endurance as well as staying in shape. His consistency and dedication to his own health and wellness continues to keep his 6’1 body sculpted at 204 pounds. 

The loss of his mother in 2002, became a pivotal moment that pushed him to get immersed in the health and wellness field, which has now become the focus and purpose of his life. Nowadays, he owns several business ventures and dedicates his time to building his worldwide brand “TITUS UNLIMITED” which has become highly successful. He is the sole owner of "Unlimited Supplements", a full all natural and high-quality supplement products line, and has become a Social Media Wellness Icon.  Titus has over 400,000 combined followers on social media and has racked up over 200 million and counting YouTube views on several of his videos, including “Age Is Just a Number.”  He’s a sought-after wellness expert, coach and motivational speaker and currently has a weekly "Fitness Friday" segment on WTVJ-NBC "6 in The Mix", Lifestyle Show in Miami, Florida. He offers educational and life changing advice and tips for healthy living, fitness and overall wellness on a daily basis and lives by the idea of empowering the people around him.  

In his words, “We Rise by Lifting Others, the only way to increase your value, is by making the people around you better.”

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