Tommie Johnson

Tommie Johnson, the son of a preacher, was born and raised in San Francisco CA. I am the father of two beautiful children. I attended San Francisco State University with a focus on Business Administration. A three tour US Army Veteran of Foreign Wars and active VFW member. With my military commitment completed, I began work as a Project Manager for a local engineering company before starting my own Auto Transport Business.
My joy comes from giving back to the community by working with youth programs of fatherless young men, teaching them how to be a gentleman, tie a tie, change a tire and oil, basic hands-on things to assist them in life, and that chivalry shall never die. Also, long open rides along the coast on my Harley Davidson provide welcomed wind therapy.
As I’ve gotten older, taking care of my physical and mental state of mind and style is prioritized. Looking good and feeling good directed me to my brothers here with The Silverfox Squad.
The answer is always “no” until you ask.