JP Hanney

I am JP Hanney, the 11th Gentleman in the Silver Fox Squad LLC.  

I am originally from Louisiana, but have been living in Houston, TX for over 20 years. I am a product of the best HBCU on the planet, Southern University. I have been on my day job for 13 years, but also have several hustles on the side. I am a fashion stylist, model, and photographer. I offer personal style consulting to create a unique, yet identifiable style that reflects attitude and personality. I began expressing my love for fashion early on, dressing according to the way I felt as opposed to what society dubbed as “in style.” This originality remains key to my approach today.

Becoming a stylist helped me move on to become a photographer and model. So when a client books a photo session, they’re not only getting a photographer, they’re getting an extra set of eyes on their outfit for the session.

In addition to being a stylist, you can catch me with my Sony A7iii (camera) in hand. Most of my work consists of photographing bloggers and models, but I have participated in galas, worked with local news stations, weddings, graduation sessions, etc. Several corporations and individuals have also expressed interest in my services for product promotion.

Fashion and photography go hand and hand. I enjoy helping my clients boost their confidence. I view the body as a canvas and the clothes we wear as the brush strokes that paint the bigger pictures. That’s why my mission is not just to share my “canvas” but to also help people outwardly express the beauty within them. 


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